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Poltergeist 2.0 is here!

Dec 21st: Full Smart NFT support - Built-in blockchain storage UI - Improved cross chain swap UX - Whole new account management tool - And >9000 more small and large improvements!

SOULdier stories #3 - Gayle

Dec 12th: Gayle is our most recent addition to the Phantom Force - dive into Scott's interview and hear her story!

Hashoshi's top NFT projects

Dec 10th: Having researched the most promising NFT projects and planning to launch something of his own on Phantasma, we're honoured that Hashoshi chose to mention us in his series

Smart NFTs! Interview with Bill Petridis

Dec 10th: Anyobservation sits down with Bill Petridis to dig deep into the world of Phantasma Smart NFTs

SOULdier stories #2 - Phillip

Dec 4th: Hear Phillips story - what makes him tick, and why he's one of our core community members!

Choosing the right blockchain for your NFT

Nov 30th: Learn about provenance, cryptographic hashes, NFT metadata and more - Phantasma Smart NFTs take non fungibles to the next level

Meet the creators of Blood Rune

Nov 25th 2020: Scott Gallagher interviews StJohn Colon and Joseph Colon from Illuminated Entertainment, creators of hybrid physical/digital NFT powered card game coming to Phantasma

Changing the game: Phantasma Smart NFTs

Nov 16th 2020: Phantasma takes NFTs to the next level with multi infusion of assets, time limited access, multiple layers, on-chain NFT memory and more - creating truly Smart NFTs!

House of NFTs: Can Crypto Save Music?

Nov 13th 2020: House of NFTs calls on artists to take ownership of their work, leveraging the power of NFTs

SOULdier Stories - E01 - Souldier Mark Twain!

Nov 13th 2020: Meet Phantasma community members and hear their amazing stories in our new series

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