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Phantasma blockchain

Full stack NFT enabled blockchain gaming platform supporting NFT enabled gaming with advanced Non fungible token technology. Non fungible tokens (NFTs) give users back true ownership of their assets - crypto gaming goes mainstream!

Experience the world of Phantasma - a blockchain company sporting its own gaming platform and content distribution system. Engage with gamers around the world - truly own your assets through blockchain powered NFT technology. Fully featured ecosystem where you can connect with other users through decentralized, secure email or messenger like chat functionality.

Combining access to video games with a digital marketplace, you can go racing mingblowingly fast hypercars or trade your spoils of war with other gamers in the Steam connected Pavillion game hub. Non Fungible Tokens represent an evolution of gaming where you are back in control. While the world of cryptocurrency may seem confusing to mainstream gamers, the under the hood action of Pavillion ensures a smooth transition into a world of decentralized applications and crypto-collectibles. Artists are able to mint their mint their own unique NFTs representing their creations, using our marketplace to connect with art aficionados around the world and monetize their work.

Ushering in a revolution in content distribution and social media, Phantasma uses a dual token system consisting of the governance token $SOUL and the fuel token $KCAL to evolve and power the chain through their wide range of use cases. Our cross chain extended ecosystem provides interoperability with both the NEO and the Ethereum blockchain, allowing token holders to swap their SOUL and KCAL between all three chains indefinitely inside a single app. Created with infinite scaling through sidechains, any dApp creator can rest assured that Phantasma is sufficiently scalable and will be able to provide the bandwidth they require. Two second block times and up to 5,000 TPS per sidechain ensures a smooth user experience.

Phantasma is DeFi ready and fully featured to support a multitude of business applications. Built for adoption, dApp developers will find easy to use tools and support for multiple programming languages, making it easy to start development and bring their vision to life. With multiple dApps already available, rich tutorials and examples showing how to get started, Phantasma brings blockchain technology to a whole new and user friendly level.

Now, the above does not do Phantasma justice, and there is a whole world for you to explore. To catch up with the latest please visit our news section. Have a look at current and upcoming dApps and download one of our wallets to get started using the blockchain. Learn about the features of the Phantasma blockchain or dive into the concept of non fungible tokens. If you want to know who is creating everything, check out the core team and our Phantom Force. The vision and core functionality is laid out in the white paper, and the roadmap gives an overview of current and past deliverables. A short intro is found here, while interested developers should contact us ASAP.